THIS SIDE
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Catherinelooks like
Currentlypreviously: Melbourne
live in
Berlinnot far from here
🔋 Keep busy online.  Fascinated by how the internet can be used as a tool to develop and evolve a
brande.g. VERNER, PAGEANT,
’s identity. Like to build 
websiteslike this one
in my spare time too.
📝 Produce a newsletter called  
This Sideft. personal essays, images,
links lists
👘  Dabble in fashion
photographye.g. this for baserange
stylinge.g. this with claire summers
🎧 Used to be a subpar  
DJ¿¿¿ maybe again in the future ???
💞 Sounds alright? Let’s be  
friends︎ email me!

🎯 Play around.
🔮 Everything moves, if you want it to.